BlueKeep Vulnerability - New Metasploit Exploit on Kali Linux

The much awaited BlueKeep exploit for Metasploit-Framework was made publicly available by RAPID7 only 5 days ago, so I took the opportunity to give it a try in my test environment and make a video about it.

For more information about the BlueKeep vulnerability and the BlueKeep scanner module for Metasploit - please check my previous post.

Check this RAPID7 blog post for more information in regards to the initial release.

The exploit released by RAPID7 is currently in initial / development state and it is NOT available via the usual Kali Linux updates repository.
In order to install the BlueKeep exploit, we will perform first a new Metasploit-Framework installation from the RAPID7 Github repository located at the following URL:
After that we will perform a pull request for the BlueKeep exploit.
The following commands were used for the steps described above:
cd /opt
git clone
cd metasploit-framework
git fetch origin pull/12283/head:bluekeep
git checkout bluekeep
gem install bundler && bundle
The new Metasploit-Framework installation was launched by using the command below:
./msfconsole -q
... and the new BlueKeep exploit module was loaded with the following command:
use exploit/windows/rdp/cve_2019_0708_bluekeep_rce

The commands and options used to configure the BlueKeep exploit are similar to the ones used to configure the EternalBlue exploit modules that were presented before - please check my older EternalBlue posts if needed.

BlueKeep Vulnerability - 
New Metasploit Exploit on Kali Linux


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