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Over the WAN simulation - hacking into an Android phone with NGROK and Metasploit

This video is another "over the WAN" hacking simulation. This time we will use Kali Linux together with NGROK, Metasploit and reverse_http payload to hack into an Android phone. The test LG G2 Android phone will be connected to Internet via 4G. This video uses information that was presented into my previous posts. Please review the posts below, as needed: 1.  Over the WAN Penetration Testing LAB - Installing and using NGROK and NETCAT 2.  MS17-010 Vulnerability - Over the WAN LAB with NGROK - EternalBlue and EternalRomance exploits on Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows 2018 R2 3.  Metasploit Tips - reverse_https vs reverse_tcp payloads  (also covers the "multihandler" exploit) 4.  Generating shellcode - using msfvenom to generate a binary payload Android application The Android application used in this video was downloaded from: This application was randomly chosen. Any other ap