MS17-010 Vulnerability - Scanning using Metasploit on KALI Linux

In the video below we will identify computers affected by the MS17-010 vulnerability, by  using a Metasploit auxiliary scanning module.
Check also my other post on detecting the MS17-010 vulnerability by using NMAP.

MS17-010 is a severe SMB Server vulnerability which affected all Windows operating systems and was exploited by WannaCry, Petya and Bad Rabbit Ransomware.
This vulnerability was made public in March 2017 and allowed remote code execution on the victim computer. 
For more information, check the Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-010:

Metasploit commands used in this video:
search name:ms17_010 
This command lists the Metasploit modules containing the string "ms17_010" in the name. 
Can also simply use: search ms17_010
use auxiliary/scanner/smb/smb_ms17_010
This command selects the module "auxiliary/scanner/smb/smb_ms17_010".
show options
This command displays the options available to the selected module.
set RHOSTS <IP_Address or IP_Address_Range>
This command will set the target IP address (addresses) for the module.
set threads 200
This command will set the number of concurrent threads to 200. (By default is 1 thread)
This command will run the Metasploit module.


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